We have many unique facets that translate into saving for our customers.  Some examples are:

Vendor Purchasing

Centranz Inc. searches worldwide to find OEM vendors.  When we find these companies that will produce the OEM quality parts at discounted rates, we pass these savings on through our competitive pricing.

Manufacturing of New Replacement Parts

Centranz Inc. has reverse engineered over 1,000 unique parts that are manufactured in our full-service machine shop for our own internal use and for outside sales.


Reclaiming OEM Components

Reclaiming is the process of repairing and/or replacing pieces of the component.  Centranz Inc. is one of three companies in the world that remanufactures Volvo and ZF Sachs torque converters.

Designing and Manufacturing Diagnostic and Testing Electronics

After years of poor or lacking OEM information, Centranz Inc.’s sister company, TEM-CO, has designed and built electronic test and diagnostic equipment. These products are not available through the OEM. These devices are sold or loaned to an equipment owner for evaluating and diagnosing the machine operation.

Free Technical Advice

We offer troubleshooting advice from a qualified technician. We handle a wide range of questions and issues including testing and diagnosing, removal and replacing, etc. On-site service is available at an affordable cost.

Pickup and Delivery

Centranz Inc. is dedicated to the customer’s need of minimal downtime, so we send a truck immediately upon request.

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