Volvo Wheel Loader Transmissions

Centranz specializes in remanufacturing Volvo wheel loader transmissions and Volvo wheel loader parts. We rebuild many of these transmissions every year and are a primary provider for many equipment dealers and manufacturers in North America.

Our 50+ years of experience in this industry has allowed us to develop a transmission exchange program that is consistent with OEM expectations. Each component that goes through our program is thoroughly tested to assure flawless performance.

A premier 18-month, 3,000 hour warranty is offered on all domestic remanufactured Volvo wheel loader transmissions. Click here to learn more about the Industry’s Best Warranty.

In every Volvo wheel loader transmission we remanufacture, we replace or rebuild for maximum durability as follows:

  • Rebuilt Torque Converter
  • New or Rebuilt Charging Pump
  • New Friction and Steel Clutch Plates
  • New External Hoses
  • New Frictions and Steels in Parking Brake
  • Complete Seal and Gasket Kits
  • New Bearings
  • Solenoids as Needed
  • New Inductive Transmitters (Speed Sensors)
  • Dyno Tested

Every year the demand for high quality, highly reliable Volvo wheel loader parts continues to grow. Choose Centranz for your hydraulic transmissions, transmission parts, axle and planetary parts.

Off-Highway Volvo Wheel Loader Transmission Part Numbers:

MachineTransmission Model
Volvo22532L60EHT 93
Volvo22560L60FHTE 110
Volvo22579L60GHTE 125
Volvo22579L60HHTE 125
Volvo30827, 30859, 30828, 30860, 30874, 30875L70HT 90
Volvo30872, 30873L70BHT 90
Volvo30872, 30873L70CHT 90
Volvo30872, 30873L70CHT 90
Volvo22513, 22514L70DHT 90
Volvo22530L70EHT 95
Volvo22561L70FHTE 120
Volvo22579L70GHTE 125
Volvo22579L70HHTE 125
Volvo30846, 30855L90HT 131
Volvo30869, 30879L90BHT 131
Volvo30897L90CHT 131
Volvo22524L90DHT 131
Volvo22523, 22548L90EHTE 202
Volvo22562L90FHTE 125
Volvo22579L90GHTE 125
Volvo22579L90HHTE 125
Volvo54585L105HTE 203
Volvo22547L110EHTE 204
Volvo22563L110FHTE 204
Volvo22576L110GHTE 206
Volvo22595L110HHTE 206
Volvo22595L110HHTL 206
Volvo30843, 30854L120HT 131
Volvo30870, 30880L120BHT 131
Volvo30887, 22500L120CHT 205
Volvo30896L120CHT 200R
Volvo22525L120DHT 205
Volvo22521L120EHTE 205
Volvo22564L120FHTE 205
Volvo22576L120GHTE 206
Volvo22595L120HHTE 206
Volvo22598L120HHTL 206
Volvo30866L150HT 201
Volvo30882, 30893L150HT 210
Volvo30885, 30896L150HT 200R
Volvo30866L150CHT 201
Volvo30882, 30893L150CHT 210
Volvo30885, 30896L150CHT 200R
Volvo22526L150DHT 210
Volvo22528L150DHT 200R
Volvo22553L150EHTE 210
Volvo22565L150FHTE 210
Volvo22554L150FHTE 220
Volvo22573L150FHTL 220
Volvo22574L150GHTL 221
Volvo22596L150HHTL 222C
Volvo30832L160HT 200
Volvo30864L160HT 201
Volvo30851L160HT 200C
Volvo30865L160HT 201C
Volvo30868L180HT 201
Volvo30883, 30894L180HT 220
Volvo33809L180HT 220C
Volvo30885, 30896L180HT 200R
Volvo30894L180CHT 220
Volvo33895L180CHT 200C
Volvo30896L180CHT 200R
Volvo22527L180DHT 220
Volvo22528L180DHT 220R
Volvo22522L180EHTE 220
Volvo22554L180FHTE 220
Volvo22573L180FHTL 220
Volvo22574L180GHTL 221
Volvo22596L180HHTL 222C
Volvo22503L220DHTE 300
Volvo22534, 22544L220EHTE 305
Volvo22566, 22580L220FHTE 305
Volvo22571L220FHTL 305
Volvo22575L220GHTL 306
Volvo22597L220HHTL 307B
Volvo22581, 22723L250GHTL 307
Volvo22597, 22723L250HHTL 307B
Volvo11079594L330C8421 H-3
Volvo11046901L330C8421 H-5
Volvo11046901L330D8421 H-5
Volvo11160252L330D8421 H-19
Volvo11145759L350FHTE 400
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