WG92 ZF Transmission

Rebuilt WG92 ZF Transmission for Off Highway Construction and Mining Applications



Rebuilt WG92 ZF Transmission for John Deere

ZF Assembly John Deere PN Loader Model
4660002012 AT168397 310E or 310G
4660002013 AT168400 310E or 310G
4660002014 AT178730 410E or 410G
4660002015 AT178731 410E or 410G
4660002029 AT308300 410G
4660002030 AT308301 410G
4660002032 CB11460246 210LE

In every Centranz remanufactured ZF Off-Highway Transmission, we replace or rebuild for maximum durability as follows:

  • Rebuilt Torque Converter
  • New Frictions and Steels
  • Complete Seal and Gasket Kits
  • New Bearings
  • New Speed Sensors
  • New Internal Wire Harness
  • 12 Month / 2,000 Hour Warranty
  • Dynamometer (Dyno) Test Including:
    • Check pressures.
    • Check to ensure no leaks.
    • Check to ensure no excessive noise.
    • Evaluate function of solenoid valves.
    • Functionality of all sensors tested using the TEM-CO TestBox.

The trade name “ZF” and the ZF logo are all property of the ZF Group. The trade names listed above are for descriptive purposes only. The OEM part numbers are for reference only.