ZF Off-Highway Transmissions

Centranz has been remanufacturing ZF off-highway transmissions for over 30 years. We commonly remanufacture transmissions for many brands including John Deere, CASE, Hyundai, Bell Equipment, Daewoo, Doosan, Doosan Daewoo, Fiat Hitachi, Fiat Kobelco, Fiatallis, Furukawa, Ingersoll-Rand, JCB, Liebherr, Link-Belt, Liugong, New Holland, O&K, SDLG, Terex, Hydrema, GVM, Sany, Moxy, XCMG, Halla, Atlas Copco, Kramer, Rhino, Joy Global, Weidemann, Anhui HELI, Weycor, Rhino Equipment, Takeuchi, Gehl, Herbst SMAG and Cukurova.

A ZF off-highway transmission remanufactured by Centranz is superior compared to the “other guy’s” rebuilt transmissions. In every ZF Off-Highway Transmission we remanufacture, we replace or rebuild for durability as follows:


Centranz manufactures replacement parts that are used throughout the remanufactured ZF off-highway transmission to offer savings to you on your ZF off-highway transmission remanufacture or rebuild.

Centranz remanufactures or rebuilds our own, as well as our competitors, ZF off-highway torque converters on site. Our torque converter specialists have 10 years of experience remanufacturing ZF off-highway torque converters.

We remanufacture transmissions for ZF Off-Highway Equipment. These are also referred to as Construction Vehicles. ZF has been making construction vehicles for decades. Centranz has been rebuilding transmissions for ZF off-highway equipment for most of these years. ZF’s innovative style has brought many exciting changes. Centranz has kept up with these changes and is able to help you keep your ZF transmission running smoothly.

When you choose Centranz, you choose the Industry’s Best Warranty. The following ZF transmissions include a premier 18-month, 3,000-hour warranty: 4WG130; 4WG160; 4WG190 and 4WG210.

ZF Transmissions for Terex Equipment

ZF Transmission Model Terex Transmission Model Terex Equip Model ZF Assembly
6WG180 ZF Transmission 15267273 Terex Transmission 2366 4644006209
6WG200 ZF Transmission 15250501 Terex Transmission 25/2766C 4644026090
6WG200 ZF Transmission 15236693 Terex Transmission 23/2566 4644026214
6WG200 ZF Transmission 15248333 Terex Transmission 25/2766B 4644026262
6WG200 ZF Transmission 15256453 Terex Transmission 25/2766C 4644026310
6WG210 ZF Transmission 15302528 Terex Transmission TA25/27 4657056015
6WG210 ZF Transmission 15309578 Terex Transmission TA25/27 4657056032
6WG210 ZF Transmission 15311593 Terex Transmission TA25/27 4657056042
6WG200 ZF Transmission 15050502 Terex Transmission 25/2766C 4644026092
6WG200 ZF Transmission 15248336 Terex Transmission 3066 4644026227
6WG250 ZF Transmission 15251360 Terex Transmission 3066C 4646006055
6WG260 ZF Transmission 15256668 Terex Transmission 3066C 4646056003
6WG260 ZF Transmission 15308943 Terex Transmission TA30 4646056018
6WG260 ZF Transmission 15307802 Terex Transmission TA30 4646056022
6WG260 ZF Transmission 15311594 Terex Transmission TA30 4646056031
6WG260 ZF Transmission 15312139 Terex Transmission TA30 4646066007
6WG310 ZF Transmission 15258782 Terex Transmission TA35/40 4646076009
6WG310 ZF Transmission 15307730 Terex Transmission TA35/40 4646076012
6WG310 ZF Transmission 15311595 Terex Transmission TA35/40 4646076019
6WG310 ZF Transmission 15303735 Terex Transmission TA35/40 4646076020
6WG310 ZF Transmission 15316809 Terex Transmission TA35/40 4646086018
6WG65 ZF Transmission 15248339 Terex Transmission 4066B 4616006001
6WG65 ZF Transmission 15250259 Terex Transmission 4066C 4616006003
6WG65 ZF Transmission 15257156 Terex Transmission 4066 4616006007

ZF Transmissions for MOXY Equipment

ZF Transmission Model MOXY ADT Model ZF Assembly
6WG200 6225/6227 4644026011
6WG200 6225/6227 4644026063
6WG200 MT30S 4644026191
6WG200 4644026199
6WG200 6225/6227 4644026201
6WG200 4644026275
6WG200 4644026277
6WG200 4644026198
6WG260 MT31 4646066001
6WG260 MT31 4646066012
6WG260 MT31 4646066026
6WG310 MT40B 4646076004
6WG310 MT40B 4646076013
6WG65 MT40 4616006005

ZF Transmissions for John Deere Equipment

ZF Transmission Model Deere Reb P/N Deere Loader Model ZF Assembly
4WG130 AT209716 TC62H 4657024017
4WG130 AT209714 444H 4656024015
4WG130 AT222001 444H 4656024020
4WG130 444H 4656024025
4WG130 444J 4656024026
4WG150 AT188405 544E 4642054003
4WG150 AT188405 544E 4642054012
4WG150 AT188405 544E 4642054019
4WG150 AT178006 544G 4642054041
4WG150 AT178015 544G 4642054206
4WG160 AT209715 544H 4656054015
4WG160 AT222002 544H 4656054020
4WG160 544H 4656054040
4WG160 544J 4656054057
4WG180 AT188406 624E 4644004102
4WG180 AT188406 624E 4644004123
4WG180 AT188406 624E 4644004215
4WG180 AT178009 624G 4644004164
4WG180 AT178008 624G 4644004213
4WG190 AT209716 624H 4657024017
4WG190 AT222003 624H 4657024021
4WG190 624J 4657024034
4WG200 AT188407 644E 4644024007
4WG200 AT188407 644E 4644024207
4WG200 AT188407 644E 4644024209
4WG200 AT178011 644G 4644024048
4WG200 AT178012 644G 4644024087
4WG210 AT209717 644H 4657054016
4WG210 AT222004 644H 4657054025
4WG210 644H 4657054055
4WG210 644J 4657054068
4WG260 AT209544 744H 4646054015
4WG260 744H 4646054049
4WG260 744J 4646054073
MT-2075 AT184406 see tab 44750190XX
MT-2075 AT195929 see tab 44750190XX
WG92-S4 AT171541 310E/G 4660001017
WG92-S4 AT171544 310E/G 4660001018
WG92-S4 AT173766 410E 4660001019
WG92-S4 AT171767 410E 4660001020
WG92-S4 HP6500/8500 4660001025
WG92-S4 CB11460244 210LE 4660001026
WG92 AT168397 310E/G 4660002012
WG92 AT168400 310E/G 4660002013
WG92 AT178730 410E/G 4660002014
WG92 AT178731 410E/G 4660002015
WG92 AT308300 410G 4660002029
WG92 AT308301 410G 4660002030
WG92 CB11460246 210LE 4660002032
WG98 AT168398 710E 4660003012
WG98 AT168401 710E 4660003013
WG98 AT192354 710G 4660003017
WG98 AT192352 710G 4660003019
WG98 AT308713 710G 4660003020
WG98 AT308714 710G 4660003021

ZF Transmissions for Case Equipment

ZF Transmission Model CNH Reb P/N Case Loader Model ZF Assembly
4WG130 361424A1R 521D 4656024017
4WG150 LR127731 621 4642054014
4WG150 LR129926 621B 4642054018
4WG150 241952A1R 621B 4642054052
4WG160 196172A1R 621C 4656054019
4WG160 318999A1R 621D 4656054025
4WG180 LR127201 721 4644004207
4WG180 LR127202 721B 4644004208
4WG180 LR129912 721 4644004219
4WG180 LR129353 721 4644004220
4WG190 196173A1R 721C 4657024026
4WG200 LR124591 821 4644024014
4WG200 183098A1 821B 4644024065
4WG200 183093A1R 721B 4644024100
4WG200 241954A1R 821B 4644024131
4WG210 196174A1R 821C 4657054026
4WG200 241953A1R 721B 4644024135
4WG200 LR129917 821 4644024216
4WG250 114363A1R 921 4646004037
4WG250 241955A1R 921B 4646004066
4WG260 380529A1R 921C 4646054010

ZF Transmissions for Liebherr Equipment

ZF Transmission Model Liebherr Crane Model ZF Assembly
6WG260 LTM1080 4646056005
6WG260 LTM1080 4646056016

ZF Transmissions for Lull and Sky Trak Equipment

ZF Transmission Model Make/Model ZF Assembly
3WG100 Lull644 4651003011
4WG100 Lull844 4651004017
4WG100 Sky Trak 8042,10042,10054 4657004048
4WG98TC Sky Trak 6063,06042 4660013001
4WG98TS Sky Trak 4266,4270, 4288 4660023002
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