Volvo PT Series Articulated Truck Transmissions

Centranz specializes in remanufacturing Volvo PT transmissions. We rebuild many of these transmissions every year and are a primary provider for many equipment dealers and manufacturers in North America.

Our 50+ years of experience in this industry has allowed us to develop a transmission exchange program that is consistent with OEM expectations. Each component that goes through our program is thoroughly tested to assure flawless performance.

A premier 18-month, 3,000 hour warranty is offered on all domestic remanufactured Volvo PT series articulated truck transmissions. Click here to learn more about the Industry’s Best Warranty.

In every Volvo truck transmission we remanufacture, we replace or rebuild for maximum durability as follows:

  • Rebuilt Torque Converter
  • New Charging Pump
  • New Friction and Steel Clutch Plates
  • New Bushings
  • Complete Seal and Gasket Kits
  • New Bearings
  • New Solenoids
  • New Inductive Transmitters (Speed Sensors)

We also manufacture replacement parts. These parts are used throughout the remanufactured Volvo PT Series articulated truck transmission. We remanufacture PT transmissions for Off-Highway Volvo Articulated Trucks. These are sometimes referred to as Volvo Articulated Haulers or Dumpers. Volvo has been in the business of off-highway articulated trucks for many years. Centranz has been rebuilding Volvo PT transmissions for Volvo articulated trucks and wheel loaders for over 20 years. Every year the demand for high quality, highly reliable Volvo equipment continues to grow. Centranz knows Volvo equipment, including articulated trucks and wheel loaders and Volvo PT Transmissions.

Volvo PT Series Truck Transmissions for A40, A40D, A40E, A40F, A40G

Centranz rebuilds PT1760, PT1860,  PT1862, PT1863, PT2509, PT2519 and transmissions. They are used in 40 Ton Volvo Trucks. The 40 ton trucks are relied upon for their articulated frame that allows them to move easily in undesirable conditions. They are the largest truck currently offered by Volvo in an articulated hauler.

Volvo PT Series Truck Transmissions for A35, A35C, A35D, A35E, A35F, A35G

Centranz rebuilds  PT1662, PT1761, PT1761A, PT1860, PT1862, PT1863, PT2509, PT2519 transmissions. They are used in 35 Ton Volvo Trucks. The 35 ton trucks are popular and are also relied upon for their articulated frame that allows them to move easily in undesirable conditions.

Volvo PT Series Truck Transmissions for A30, A30C, A30D, A30E, A30F, A30G

Centranz rebuilds PT1560, PT1562, PT1563, PT1661, PT1663, PT2116 transmissions. They are used in 30 Ton Volvo Trucks. The 30 ton trucks are 5 tons smaller than the 35 ton trucks and are used on smaller job sites.

Volvo PT Series Truck Transmissions for A25, A25C, A25D, A25E, A25F, A25G

Centranz rebuilds PT1560, PT1562, PT1563, PT2116 transmissions. They are used in 25 Ton Volvo Trucks. The 25 ton trucks are the smallest articulated trucks Volvo offers.

Off-Highway Volvo Articulated Truck / Hauler Transmission Part Numbers:

Transmission ModelMachine
Volvo4881689A25 Transmission
Volvo11056492A25C Transmission
Volvo22648PT1562A25D Transmission & A30D Transmission
Volvo22518PT1560A25D Transmission & A30D Transmission
Volvo22545PT1560A25D Transmission & A30D Transmission
Volvo22549PT1560A25D Transmission & A30D Transmission
Volvo22688PT1563A25D Transmission & A30D Transmission
Volvo22688PT1563A25E Transmission & A30E Transmission
Volvo22416PT2116A25F Transmission & A30F Transmission
Volvo165003PT1660A30 Transmission
Volvo11036580PT1660A30 Transmission
Volvo11036600PT1661A30 Transmission
Volvo11036680PT1661A30 Transmission
Volvo11036830PT1661A30 Transmission
Volvo11037930PT1663A30C Transmission
Volvo22638PT1663A30C Transmission
Volvo22417A30E Transmission
Volvo1650023PT1660A35 Transmission
Volvo11036569PT1660A35 Transmission
Volvo11036594PT1662A35 Transmission
Volvo11036690PT1662A35 Transmission
Volvo11036835PT1662A35 Transmission
Volvo11037935PT1761A35C Transmission
Volvo11038035PT1761AA35C Transmission
Volvo22517PT1860A35D Transmission & A40D Transmission
Volvo22546PT1860A35D Transmission & A40D Transmission
Volvo22640PT1862A35D Transmission & A40D Transmission
Volvo22650PT1862A35D Transmission & A40D Transmission
Volvo22689PT1863A35D Transmission & A40D Transmission
Volvo22401PT2509A35E Transmission & A40E Transmission
Volvo22671PT2509A35E Transmission & A40E Transmission
Volvo22418PT2519A35E Transmission & A40E Transmission
Volvo22419PT2519A35F Transmission & A40F Transmission
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